Reiki courses

Testimonial from a Reiki student who completed Reiki 1 course:

‘I first experienced Reiki about 18 years ago when I was going through a relationship break up. I felt it really made a difference to how I was feeling. Another 12 years passed before I experienced it again, both face to face and over the phone. I don’t know how it works but it does. I made the decision then to at least do Reiki 1. A few years after later, whilst networking I met Reiki Master, Sunayana Clark. I went to her for a few Reiki and other treatments to aid my wellbeing. I liked her relaxed style, she is a happy, friendly and amiable person, someone I connected with and so she became my Reiki master. The course was a two day, hands on experience. Sunayana was quick to respond to any questions I had after the training which helped to keep me focused. I am happy to have completed Reiki 1 and over a month later I am still doing Reiki every day. ‘


Treating a client with Motor Neurone Disease:

I just received a lovely phone call. “Thank you for being so positive when visiting my Dad. He cannot praise you enough. Whatever you are doing keep doing it”.


Treatment for stress and Breast Cancer:

”Sunayana is a highly intuitive and caring therapist who I have known for many years. She has great knowledge on many aspects of complementary therapy, and will tap into this to treat the individual as such. I have felt healed and re-energised after Reflexology or Bowen as I have had many treatments with Sunayana. I’d thoroughly recommend a treatment!”


Treatment for muscle pain:

I contacted Sunayana on the recommendation of my sister who has benefited from her Bowen treatments in the past.  Sunayana is a very warm person and so easy to talk to. I found the Bowen treatment to be very gentle and extremely relaxing and I walked out of the Green Room just over an hour later feeling so much better and committed to going back for more. The reason I went to Sunayana is no longer a problem thanks to her healing hands but I will definitely be going back for another treatment when I need some more Bowen.

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