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About my therapies:


I practice the Eunice Ingham Method of Reflexology.  I apply a gentle pressure as I “walk over” the acupressure points on the feet.

I can also do treatments on the hands. 

The aim of the treatments is to create a sense of balance within the body. 

This therapy is ideally suited to helping hormonal problems such as infertility, menstrual problems that can cause other problems such as poor skin conditions or migraine, circulatory problems including restless leg syndrome, as well as stress related conditions. Reflexology can be applied to the feet and hands.

feel-good-treatments-north-london-3Usui Reiki

Founded by Mikao Usui who lived in Japan in the 1800s, Reiki was introduced to the West by Mrs Hawayo Takata.  She was of Japanese heritage and lived in Hawaii.

When I experienced Reiki, I was amazed at its simplicity and how calm I felt afterwards.  Following the death of a close family member and a miscarriage in 1995, I developed an ongoing health problem.

Despite treatment from the GP, it did not improve but after just two Reiki treatments, it disappeared and has not returned.  Reiki, for me, was a miracle that I have had the privilege of sharing with the world ever since.

It works well to relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain management and insomnia to name just a few conditions.

The Bowen Technique

This is a soft touch remedial holistic treatment.  It was developed by Tom Bowen in Australia and brought to the UK by Julian Baker of the European College of Bowen Studies in the 1980s.

I learned this amazing technique in 2006.  I have found it very effective in treating the symptoms of back ache, hamstring problems, shoulder pain, RSI, hay fever. Personally after I fractured my right ankle in 2015, the Bowen Technique has been key to my recovery.


I am a graduate of the Freemind Method of Hypnotherapy. The Freemind Method is based on the three pillars of Peace, Power and Purpose. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which we can make positive changes to our patterns of thinking.

This helps us make changes to our every day life that helps us to live a happy and positive life. Before going into trance, we will discuss what behaviours you wish to change and the outcomes you wish to see. At all times you are in control and you can move your body.

Hypnosis can help you release anger, anxiety, procrastination and self sabotage.

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