* Please note, that I work alongside conventional medical professionals and where I deem it necessary, I will contact your GP or refer you back to the GP for further investigation.  I do not diagnose.


Hay fever:

Hay fever is an over-reaction of the immune system to pollen.  There are 3 types of pollen that cause a reaction: Grass, Tree and Flowers.  You may be allergic to one type or all of them.  The hay fever season can last from March – August.

With just 4 treatments of the Bowen Technique, I can help improve the drainage so that if you do react to the pollen, the catarrh can drain away more easily.  And secondly, and perhaps, more importantly, we can reduce your sensitivity to pollen so that your body does not have such a violent response.

Anxiety and Depression:

There are many causes to these conditions and they can vary widely in severity.  Reiki can be very beneficial in helping to improve your mood.  We will also look at coping mechanisms that are practical and can be used in daily life.

Reflexology can also be used, if the cause of anxiety or depression is stress related rather than caused by a chemical imbalance.  Please allow a minimum of 6 treatments.


We live life at a fast pace.  Burn out from the many demands of our lives is not uncommon. We are parents, daughters, sons, wives or husbands, colleagues, bosses, employees and so much more.

Is it any wonder that we find ourselves eating the wrong foods, not getting enough sleep and feeling exhausted?  This 8 treatment package is designed to help you rediscover your passion for your life and to be healthy enough to participate in it.

End of Life Services:

I currently work with the Motor Neurone Disease North London Group treating their members who have been diagnosed with this illness.

I aim to help the patient to feel more comfortable in their bodies as their condition deteriorates, as well as helping them practically prepare for their end of life I have also worked with cancer patients in a similar capacity.

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