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Anxiety in Teenagers

Teenagers who are sitting their A’levels can be prone to anxiety. They have:

  • Spent 2 years listening to teachers and other adults that these exams will make or break their futures.
  • They will be going to experience a huge transition
  • Leaving the safety of school – a familiar environment for 14 years – to go to University.
  • Fend for themselves – managing their finances, cooking and laundry on top of their studies. In a lot of cases, they are unprepared for this.

In addition there are

  • Hormones
  • Making new friends or losing old ones
  • Breaking Up with boyfriends or girlfriends before going off to University
  • Anticipation and fear of new adventures

For many students it is too much to cope with and they drop out in their first year.
Sometimes they will have been given a diagnosis of anxiety or depression.

Your child is showing signs of anxiety if they experience some or all of these symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of interest in meeting friends
  • Excessive sweating
  • Palpitations
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fear of being left alone

These are just some of the symptoms they experience.

How do I help?

I empower your son or daughter to rediscover their passion and joy in life. I do this through a mixture of coaching, therapies and supplements.

Case Study

A mum asked me to help her 17 year old who was a Year 13 student and experiencing panic attacks. She couldn’t sleep, was crying, getting to school was proving very difficult – the thought of leaving the house was triggering her. At home, she was unsocial and moody and not really eating. Our agreed goals were to:
Keep her calm
Keep her focused
And help her sleep well.

The treatments took place over 5 months. I treated her weekly with Reiki and supported her over the phone in between sessions, until she felt calmer and more in control. We then spaced them out around her exams.

Over 6 Treatments:

  • She received Reiki & hypnotherapy to soothe her emotions and boost her confidence;
  • We put in place some self help strategies to help her cope in between our sessions as well as when she was off to University;
  • We did some coaching around her place in the world and her family once she had left home.

I saw her once during her exams – before her least favourite subject – and then after her exams to help her relax after the strain of her exams.

Her Mum said:

“She has been hugely helped by the process. It grounded her and gave the the tools to keep calm and in control. The breathing exercises really helped to channel her anxiety and helped her to work through it”

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