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Anxiety in Adults

I would like you to think back to a time when you believed in fairy tales and happily ever after. You just knew that you would find your Mr (or Mrs) Right. You knew that you would be the best couple, with the best jobs and the best kids. You knew that the future would be golden. Except, it’s not quite worked out that way. As a child perhaps someone was critical of you which changed how you looked or felt about yourself. Events like being bullied, break ups, arguments, bereavements or perhaps even big life transitions have shaken your foundations leaving you feeling unsafe and leaving you feeling less.

Now come back to the present: You are all grown up and the dream of having a great career, great relationship and an amazing family with the ideal number of children is your now reality. Except your boss isn’t a dream, your spouse is so busy that you feel like ships passing in the night and having kids has been more exhausting than you imagined. Its just not matching up to what you had imagined all those years ago. And all these experiences and stored emotions have lead you to feeling:

  • Exhausted
  • Angry
  • Tearful
  • Isolated
  • Anxious
  • Cheated
  • Alone
  • Sleep too much / little
  • Flat
  • Over/Under weight
  • Addiction to Social Media
  • Addiction to Alcohol
  • Unsocial

If you do not address these stored emotions and experiences they will begin to spill over into your daily life. They will begin to affect your interactions with friends, family or colleagues. You may begin to withdraw because it feels too hard to carry on pretending that everything is okay. Relationships begin to breakdown and work is a struggle.

How Can I help?

Being heard and acknowledged will help you to feel better almost instantly. I offer a non-judgmental, sympathetic audience. The treatments I offer will help you to physically relax and let go of the emotions that you are holding onto.



What one of my clients had to say:

3 months ago I came feeling overwhelmed and anxious about life and with your amazing treatments I am so much calmer and able to handle everyday situations. I can’t thank you enough

What’s your next step:

Contact me to to book your FREE 30 minute telephone consultation. If I feel that I can help, I will send you my client form and invite you to my 90 minute Reconnect Session.

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