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I am Sunayana Clark, owner of Feelgood Treatments. I have been a practising therapist and intuitive for 20 years. My business, started as a hobby and has grown around the demands of my family life.  Over the years, I began to realise that my passion is in empowering clients to helping themselves.  I do this through solving the root cause of a problem and by helping them to develop their own self-care strategies.

The Best You Can Be

I love treating and helping people to be the best they can be which allows them to enjoy their lives fully.  I enjoy finding the different pieces of the puzzle which are contributing to your health problems.  Once we start to uncover the hidden pieces, clients begin to improve after just one treatment.

I know through first-hand experience how hard life can be and the importance of self-care.  If we do not look after ourselves, who will?  My aim is to help you to create your own self-care routines, that will help you to enjoy your life.  My clients come in looking anxious, tired or exhausted and sometimes looking and feeling hopeless.  They will will leave looking much calmer and feeling a little bit more optimistic.

Highly Trained

I trained in Reflexology between 1995-1997; I learned Usui Reiki between 1997-1999 and the Bowen Technique (through the European College of Bowen Studies) in 2006. In 2017 I qualified as a Freemind™ Hypnotherapy Practicioner.  I have previously volunteered at a local cancer charity for 11 years as well as been Chair of a local counselling charity for 4 years.

Magic and Miracles

I love Sci Fi, romances, murder mysteries, self development books, films, believe in magic and miracles and adore my family, which include my 3 cats.

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